About Forge Premium Real Estate

Forge Premium Real Estate is a Niagara Region base real estate service company. Main services are: Real estate asset management (Tenants recrewing and daily management for single-family houses, multi-unit, apartment, student rental and small commercial stores); real estate purchase and sale; property re-model / rebuild project management; consulting for renovation of cash flow properties, such like multi-unit and apartment to maximize the profit. 

Forge Premium Real Estate has a good connection with many real estate related professionals and corporations, such as professional real estate development and transaction lawyer; residential/commercial mortgage specialist, insurance professionals, Niagara region land developers; builders; all house maintenance related services providers: HVAC, plumbing, electric, roofing, fence, driveway, landscaping, and all scale of renovation/remodelling), Even they are from all different companies, the common things among them are they are professionals, well communication with transparency at reasonable rate, which are the standard while Forge Premium choose business partners since we would like to make sure our clients have great experience through all stages of our service.


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